Seaweb Super Bowl Commercial

This is for all of you ocean lovers out there. When I found this video on YouTube, one commenter surpised me when he wrote that he thought the creators of this video were preaching to the already converted, and therefore the ad had no impact to effect change. I disagree. I think it is a very powerful and uplifting ad that is a refreshing change from the littered strewn beaches and plastic bottle clogged oceans we usually see in PSA’s urging action to clean up the ocean. The Seaweb Super Bowl ad reflects the majesty of the ocean and inspires a desire to make sure we keep it that way. And you gotta love the music.

One Response to “Seaweb Super Bowl Commercial”

  1. Michael A. Walker
    March 5, 2012 at 6:59 pm #

    After one viewing, I observed this ad entertains viewers with an excellent look at the ocean environment. The ad probably did not drive much traffic to the URL posted at the end because the message in the front of the video, and the URL at the end of the video are not present during the entire video. Moreover, after one views the video they don’t know what their supposed to do next. Is the ocean in danger? It looked fine to me! Are there more cool videos at the URL? What’s this ad about???

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