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About SeaweedArt

Beth collecting seaweed

My name is Beth Powanda. I am an ocean lover, artisan, DIY crafter and chef  who’s lucky enough to live in Santa Cruz, one of the world’s most beautiful places. My tide pooling and beach combing explorations led to a hobby of pressing seaweed and other sea-inspired crafts. Ever since I was a child, I have been creating arts and crafts from objects found in nature– flowers, foliage, leaves, herbs, sticks, driftwood, seashells and seaweed.


Our quaint, beach community is celebrated for its temperate climate, pristine beaches,

stretch of Santa Cruz beach known as Pleasure Point

rocky shores  and surfing.

I created this blog a few years ago to write about the joy and pleasure I experience living by the beach. I moved here from the East coast many years and I am still in awe of the natural beauty that surrounds me. I want to share my love of the sea and coastal living lifestyle with you.



See it in the sea, buy it on a card — Santa Cruz Sentinel, February 4, 2012.

Featured ocean advocate in SeaWeb’s Ocean Voices.

SeaweedArt Mission

"sea turtle"

SeaweedArt is committed to raising awareness and funds for the protection and preservation of our beautiful oceans, beaches, coastlines and marine habitats. For every item purchased from my Etsy shop, 10% of the profits will be donated to charities and non-profit organizations dedicated to our cause.


Coastal Style

Sea-inspired, nautical and coastal decor for the beach lover in all of us.

Coastal Food

Sea “Foodie” cooking and dining recommendations, recipes and ideas. While this page is under construction, please visit my blog to see restaurant recommendations, product reviews and recipes.

Is There Kelp in Your Cupboard?

kelpWhat you may not know is that many household products, medicines, and cosmetics contain substances from kelp—including dog food and lipstick. Seaweeds, which are large ocean plants called algae come in three forms:  brown, red and green algae, each providing important ingredients for the manufacture of food and other products.

Alginate, carrageenan and beta carotene are the names for the algae products you might find in foods or other products in your cupboards. These seaweed derivatives help ingredients mix together and form thick, gooey gels. They are found in salad dressing, frozen deserts, paint and beer.

The Monterey Bay Aquarium offers many interactive games and fun science experiments to teach children how to become a seaweed sleuth at home. Download the worksheet or play the interactive game to learn which seaweeds are used in common foods and household products. Check out the live kelp forest web cam. It’s really fun!

Support Marine Protected Areas

I learned from reading the Save Our Shores website today that there are four types of marine protected areas.

  • Marine Reserve: No Fishing is allowed in these areas
  • Marine Conservation Area: Limits commercial and recreational fishing to protect a specific habitat or resource.
  • Marine Park: Prohibits commercial fishing but allows most recreational fishing.
  • Marine Recreational Management Area: Limits commercial and recreational fishing to protect a specific habitat or resource

You can help support marine protected areas by signing the petition that will protect and preserve these treasured marine habitats and underwater ecosytems.

Dog Beach

Dog Beach, Santa Cruz

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