I believe that nature and art meet when the variety of seaweed’s colors, shapes and textures naturally lend themselves to artistic expression. SeaweedArt is a gift from the sea.

My name is Beth Powanda Shady and I am a nature artist. I create art using raw materials I find in nature– like seaweed, which is my favorite medium.

collage of seaweed pressed on paper

I live in Santa Cruz, CA with my seafaring, surfer husband Bill and our five kids.

Bill holding surfboard

Our quaint, beach community is celebrated for its temperate climate, pristine beaches,

stretch of Santa Cruz beach known as Pleasure Point

rocky shores

Rocky shores at Pleasure Point

and surfing.

I created this blog a few years ago to write about the joy and pleasure I experience living by the beach.  I moved here from the East coast almost 23 years ago and I am still in awe of the natural beauty that surrounds me. I want to share my love of the sea with you.

The SeaweedArt greeting cards for sale on this site are printed images created from seaweed collages. The seaweed in the orginal pieces was sustainably harvested from the Monterey Bay in accordance with the regulations for seaweed harvesting along the West Coast of North America.

starfish found in tidepool at Pleasure Point

Beth Shady holds a B.A is Theatre and Speech from De Sales University and an M.S. in Internet Marketing from Full Sail University.


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