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A Day at the Beach

Here is a creative and imaginative interpretation of what you can find when you spend a day at the beach. It’s not just seashells and sand crabs. You guessed it. LOTS of trash, junk and plastic. The best way to end the glut of plastic junk that ends up in our...

Dianna Cohen: Tough Truths About Plastic Pollution

Visual artist and Plastic Pollution Coalition co-founder, Dianna Cohen, creates art using the medium of plastic bags. In this Ted Talk, she reveals the tough truths she has learned about plastic pollution. For instance, there is now believed to be eleven gyres of...

Occupy the Environment

As part of my month long feature of The Plastic Pollution Coalition, here is another thought provoking and compelling article written by PPC  co-founder, Lisa Kaas Boyle. The Occupy Wall Street Movement reflects a growing realization that our Democracy has been...
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