Waste Free Solutions for Packing School Lunches

I have five kids, three of whom are still living at home. I have to confess there was a time when I was a frequent user of “the baggie” to pack their school lunches. Not anymore. We no longer use them for anything. We store leftovers in Tupperware or glass containers with lids or we wrap them in foil, which we recycle. Since my kids like a lot of snacks throughout the day, I am always on the look out for waste free lunch storage containers. As chance would have it, I was at a birthday party this past weekend and struck up a conversation with a woman who works for a company called Kids Konserve. (On a side note,  her dad is a volunteer for the Marine Mammal Rescue Center. Boy did we have a lot in common.) She told me about their line of Kids Konserve Nesting Trio Stainless-Steel Containers with Leak-Proof Lids I checked them out online and have placed my first order. Healthy, safe, non-toxic, non-leaching and unbreakable containers that are not plastic. One more step toward a plastic free world.

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