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Sea-Inspired Tin Container Candles

Before I toss anything into the recycle bin,  I first try to find another use for it.  I call it creative repurposing of materials. Anything old can be new again with a little imagination. I got inspired last week when I was about to toss out some tin cans when I it occurred to me that they would make great containers candles. What a cool, beachy idea, don’t you think? Reuse, recycle, repurpose with a nautical theme. Here’s what you need to do it yourself.


Metal pot –With handle for melting the wax. An old pot works just as well or you can use a glass measuring cup and melt the wax in your microwave.

Tin containers. I chose ones used for sardines, tuna and tea. They have interesting, artistic labels too.

Soy wax-– This my favorite. It melts the easiest and burns the clean and clear so you can see items like seashells and rocks that I like to place at the bottom of my candles. They are nice surprises!

Candle wicks with stickers — A must to hold the wick in place while pouring the wax.

Scented essential oils– I like lavender and lemon verbena. If you are going to use the candles outdoors, you might want to consider citronella, grapefruit and lemongrass.

Candle dyes– (Optional) I chose to not use color because I like the opaque whiteness of the soy wax and I didn’t want the color to compete with the design on the labels of the tins.

How to Make

Thoroughly wash the containers. To remove residual fish odors, drizzle the insides with lemon juice and let sit in the sun for a few days. That should do the trick.

Place wick, with sticky bottom, at the center of the tin. If you are using more than one wick per candle, make sure they are evenly placed.

Melt wax according to package directions and then add a few drops of essential oil. You don’t need a lot of scent. When the candle burns, it will be stronger than you think.

Pour melted wax into the tin and let sit until harden. If you like,  you can toss a few seashells or beach pebbles into the mix for the added surprise.

These make excellent gifts year round, but I love to put them in Christmas stockings. Be sure to keep some for yourself!

If you try this project send me some photos and I will post them here.



Waste Free Solutions for Packing School Lunches

I have five kids, three of whom are still living at home. I have to confess there was a time when I was a frequent user of “the baggie” to pack their school lunches. Not anymore. We no longer use them for anything. We store leftovers in Tupperware or glass containers with lids or we wrap them in foil, which we recycle. Since my kids like a lot of snacks throughout the day, I am always on the look out for waste free lunch storage containers. As chance would have it, I was at a birthday party this past weekend and struck up a conversation with a woman who works for a company called Kids Konserve. (On a side note,  her dad is a volunteer for the Marine Mammal Rescue Center. Boy did we have a lot in common.) She told me about their line of Kids Konserve Nesting Trio Stainless-Steel Containers with Leak-Proof Lids I checked them out online and have placed my first order. Healthy, safe, non-toxic, non-leaching and unbreakable containers that are not plastic. One more step toward a plastic free world.

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