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This project is similar to the footprints, but a little more complicated and well worth the effort.

Materials needed

Plaster of Paris

2 large buckets (A milk jug with the top cut off works great.)

Wooden spoon for stirring

String or wire for hanging

Found beach objects like shells, sea glass, driftwood, bottle caps etc.

The first step is to dig your mold. Scoop out a space about 8 inches tall, 5 inches wide and 2 inches deep.  Like the footprints above, you want to pick a spot near the water’s edge where the sand is moist but hard. Be careful to not get to close to the water, lest you run the risk of having your creation washed away. Next, place the found objects in the mold to create a funny or scary face. Embed them slightly into the sand. Bottle caps can be eyes or seashells could be ears. Use your imagination.

Next, it’s time to prepare the plaster. One carton of Plaster of Paris usually makes about three masks, so estimate accordingly. The plaster will harden in about 10 minutes so you need to work fast and in small batches. Again, as in the footprints, the plaster should be creamy. If it is too watery it will seep under the object.

Now it is time to pour. Unlike the footprints where you pour directly into the mold, here you want to hold your hand over the mask about an inch above it to catch the plaster as it falls into the mold. Basically, you want to break the fall so that the pouring action doesn’t disturb the decorative objects you’ve placed inside the mold. Try to keep the plaster layer about an inch thick. If you would like to hang your mask, take a string or wire about 8 inches long and fold it in half and knot it about an inch from the end. This will act as an anchor. As your mask begins to harden, gently push the knotted end about an inch below the top of the mask to make a hanger. Let your mask dry in the sun.

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