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A few weeks ago when I was surfing the Internet for seaweed lovers like myself, I came across an amazing website, and discovered underwater photographer, Ian Wallace. I found his stunning images absolutely mesmerizing and I felt compelled to write to him and tell him so. He responded by sending me copies of his book, Seaweed. Interestingly enough, the subtitle is “art meets science,” something I have been saying all along. I’ve always believed that the layered textures, colors and shapes of various seaweeds naturally lend themselves to artistic expression. There is no doubt that the beauty of nature is a work of art and Ian captures it so completely with his gorgeous photography. Seaweed, the photography of Ian Wallace  is available in the iTunes App Store.

The photos displayed here, Archangel and Blankets of Kelp,  are of Ian’s work and are posted with his permission.

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