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"image of pink coral"Here are some interesting facts about coral reefs that you may not know.

  • Corals are found all over the world in shallow, tropical waters and on the deep, dark ocean floor. Despite their appearance, corals are neither rocks nor plants; corals are living animals.
  • Coral reefs support 25 percent of all known marine fish. As one of the most complex ecosystems on the planet, coral reefs are home to more than 4,000 different species of fish, and almost 5,000 species of corals, in addition to thousands of other plants and animals.
  • Deep-sea red and pink corals are among the most valuable and widely traded of all coral species, yet they are the least protected. Extraction of red and pink corals for use in the jewelry industry is the greatest threat to this particular species of corals and one that can easily be eliminated.

Coral reefs need your help. They are increasingly threatened because of climate change, ocean acidification, pollution and consumer demand. Reducing the impact on precious, deep-sea coral varieties that frequently are used for jewelry or decorative objects is one area that can easily be addressed by conscientious consumers and those in the jewelry industry. Too Precious to Wear is a SeaWeb campaign that works to create demand for coral conservation by working with the jewelry and design industries.

There is hope. By refusing to use real coral in jewelry or home décor, you can help protect these species. By exercising your right as a consumer, designer or jewelry retailer, you can reduce the pressure these species face, allowing their populations to recover. Help to ensure a sustainable future for red and pink coral by signing the coral pledge.


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