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My husband Bill and I drove up the coast to Davenport to have Sunday brunch at the Roadhouse restaurant. If you are a Santa Cruz local or are planning to visit soon, I highly recommend it, not just for the great food and lovely rustic atmosphere (there’s a cozy brick fireplace in the dining room), but for the show stopping panoramic ocean vistas.

Afterward, we drove a little farther up Highway One to hike down to the beach of Greyhound Rock County Park. I had been to this particular spot several times before, but I never knew why the spot was called Greyhound Rock beach. My husband informed me it was because of the mammoth sized rock or sea stack of Miocene mud stone jutting out from the beach that many think looks just like a greyhound dog.

Below are some photos I took from the top of the cliff looking down at the beach. You can get some perspective when you see the ant sized people on top of the rock and the fisherman standing on the beach next to it.

Btw, I picked up some trash on my way back: an empty plastic bottle of Gatorade, a cigarette butt and card board carrier box from a six-pack of beer. These were interspersed among the myriad of wild plants and flowers, such as aloe, mustard and lupine, that line the path along the hike down to the beach.

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