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Detox-SetSpecial-03It is estimated that the average woman puts over 500 toxins on her body before she leaves the house. Body lotions, soaps, shampoos, perfumes and makeup are all common products that everyone uses. Evidence suggests that what we put on our skin penetrates our internal organs within 23 seconds of application. That is very disturbing. We can avoid this problem by using products that are environmentally safe, toxin free, botanically based and inspired by nature.

Arbonne is a highly regarded full line of health and wellness products with a rich Swiss heritage. I tried these products when I was introduced to them by my friend Kim and I was hooked. I first sampled the Sea Source Botanicals, (naturally) but I have since tried almost everything in the catalog and I can’t recommend them enough. I feel rest assured that I am using products that are safe for my health and safe for the environment.

Pure. Safe. Beneficial.

Please visit my SeaweedArt Arbonne site to learn more. 

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