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No plastic micro beads here.

Did you know that in the past decade, more and more personal care products have been sold in The United States and around the world that contain micro-plastic particle abrasives used as an exfoliant? This is perhaps the most offensive form of  plastic pollution because this plastic is actually designed to be washed down the drain.

Micro-plastic particles are found in all oceanic gyres, bays, gulfs and seas worldwide. Micro-plastics are pervasive in the environment. They absorb persistent organic pollutants and are consumed by a variety of marine life including the fish we harvest for food.

Natural alternatives such as apricot shells, cocoa beans and sea salt can be used as sustainable alternatives to plastic.

The 5 Gyres Institute, together with their Global Partners, Plastic Free Seas and The Plastic Soup Foundation  and Snorkels and Fins have initiated campaigns to eliminate this plastic from all consumer products by demanding that companies cease using them in their products.
Here’s how you can help:
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