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As a healthy living advocate, I’m always open to new ideas and ways to keep my body and mind alert and in top form. And I want to look good too! I exercise, eat right, stay active and take great care of my skin. Recently, I developed a case of lymphedema, a swelling in my right arm, which was brought on by a benign cyst in my elbow that blocked the flow of lymphatic fluid. I have been seeking treatment from a physical therapist, who recommended dry brushing as a means to stimulate my lymph system. I’ve used dry brushes before, but I found the bristles too stiff and they were scratchy and hurt, so I was reluctant to use them. After doing some research, I learned that the most effective choice is an ionic dry body brush because the extra-fine ion-charged copper bristles naturally create negative ions (created by the friction between the copper bristles and the skin) that help protect the body from free radicals while stimulating a natural lymph flow, thus helping to make the lymphatic system more effective at purging toxins and pathogens from the body. In today’s world, sitting in front a computer screen, everyday stress, a poor diet and too much exposure to pollution and environmental toxins can all contribute to an over abundance of free radicals.

In an ionic (sorry, could’t resist)  twist of coincidental fate, I received an email from the makers of Prana dry brush, asking me to try their product and write a review. Of course I said yes and they shipped me their Ionic Body Brush, which I used daily for a month. Using light strokes toward my heart I brushed my arms, chest and body every morning as soon as I woke up and before my shower. In just a few days I could see a significant decrease in the swelling around my elbow. If those positive results weren’t enough, I soon discovered that there were many other benefits to dry brushing as well, such as developing muscle tone, relaxing muscle tension, refreshing the nervous system and relieving stress.

In addition to detoxifying your body and improving circulation, dry brushing can boost your immune system, prevent ingrown hair by opening pores and it’s a great exfoliator! It not only sloughed off my dead skin cells, it also primed my skin to better absorb moisturizing creams and lotions. My overall skin started to glow. I seemed to have a new vitality. Dimples and cellulite were diminished, along with crepey skin. My skin has never looked so good.  To learn more about how a Prana dry brush can benefit you click here. And to purchase here.














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