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I went to yoga this morning at In-Shape and as I was checking in at the front desk I noticed a recipe card for a chocolate peanut butter protein shake. I start most days with a healthy smoothie and I’m always looking for new ideas so when I saw this one I knew I had to try it. Of course, I improvised as usual, based on the ingredients I had on hand. The recipe is below along with my suggested substitutions.

Pour the first four ingredients into a blender or your NutriBullet and mix well. Then sprinkle the seeds on top. For an added garnish, I topped off with some sliced bananas and sprinkled on some raw nuts. My favorite are from Living Intensions. I happened to have their activated white chocolate super food nut blend of cashews, sprouted almonds, cacao nibs and live probiotics. I felt like it needed something more since I was out of flax and chia seeds. It was delicious and very filling and serves two, so I saved half and put it in the freezer and that gave it a slushy, desert like texture and I ate the rest with a spoon for desert. Next time I make it I’ll pour it into popsicle molds.

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