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Welcome to SeaweedArt and My Sea-Inspired Coastal Life

About SeaweedArt

I’m an artisan, chef and “sea foodie.” An ocean lover at heart, my passion is to bring the beauty of the sea into the home with my coastal style, DIY crafts, beach-themed décor and healthy cuisine.

Healthy Living

Botanically based nutritional, cosmetic and skincare products I swear by because beauty comes from within. Safe. Pure. Beneficial. Vegan certified and I promise you will love them.

My Esty Shop

My beach combing and tide pooling explorations led to a hobby of pressing seaweed and other sea-inspired crafts. Visit my shop to explore my latest ocean-themed “beachy” creations.

The Latest From The Blog

Mermaid Sea Treasure Collection

One of the most relaxing things I enjoy is creating sea-inspired crafts from items I find in nature. This has been a favorite past time of mine since I was a child growing up spending my summers at the beaches in New...

The Health Benefits of Ionic Dry Brushing

The Health Benefits of Ionic Dry Brushing

As a healthy living advocate, I’m always open to new ideas and ways to keep my body and mind alert and in top form. And I want to look good too! I exercise, eat right, stay active and take great care of my skin. Recently, I developed a case of lymphedema, a swelling...

The Art of Tea

The Art of Tea

I have always been a big tea drinker. It’s not just the taste that attracts me, but also the experience because so much calming peaceful rituals and ceremonies are associated with tea. As a foodie and healthy living advocate, I appreciate not only the food– tea cakes and tea sandwiches, but also the healing, mindfulness and restorative properties of tea.

Chunky Monkey  Protein Shake

Chunky Monkey Protein Shake

I went to yoga this morning at In-Shape and as I was checking in at the front desk I noticed a recipe card for a chocolate peanut butter protein shake. I start most days with a healthy smoothie and I’m always looking for new ideas so when I saw this one I knew I had to try it.

Sardine Pizza from Everyday Seafood

Sardine Pizza from Everyday Seafood

Everyday Seafood is every "sea foodies" dream and is one of my favorite seafood cookbooks. Filled with over a hundred recipes for fish and shellfish it encompasses everything from soups and stews, baked and barbecued fish, salads and dips. I appreciate the Nathan...

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