SeaweedArt Note Cards

Created from images of pressed seaweed collages by Santa Cruz nature artist, Beth Shady. Ten percent of profits donated to ocean conservation.

Tidepool Assortment

Set of six 5 x 7 printed sea inspired note cards with matching printed envelopes. Matte finish. Blank inside. Made in Santa Cruz, CA.

Pleasure Point Assortment

Set of six 5 x 7 printed sea inspired note cards with printed matching envelopes. Matte finish. Blank inside. Made in Santa Cruz, CA.


About SeaweedArt

Santa Cruz nature artist and ocean lover Beth Powanda Shady creates greeting ...

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SeaweedArt is committed to raising awareness and funds for the protection and ...

The Process

The art of pressing seaweed dates back to the Victorian Era when ...

Latest News

Santa Cruz Wharf Turns 100!

I’m so excited to be a part of this amazing first ever event celebrating the Santa Cruz Municipal Wharf and the Monterey Bay Marine Sanctuary Foundation. I will be exhibiting my SeaweedArt, along with many other fantastic ocean friendly vendors. Come on out and join us for the First Ever Municipal Wharf celebration. Did you know that it is 100 years old?


SeaweedArt Supports Gault Elementary

I’m delighted to announce that I will be participating in the Gault Elementary Mother’s Day Art and Craft show fundraiser on May 10th. Please come out and support this wonderful Santa Cruz school.

Mothers Day Art Show

SeaweedArt Crustacean Water Bottle

Real SeaweedArt

This is the real stuff. Photos taken at low tide at Point Lobos, CA. I love the colors.




Recharge the Spirit at Point Lobos

My husband Bill and I recently took a ride down the coast on Highway One to visit Point Lobos State Park. It is one of my favorite “hidden gems” because the scenic trails are well marked and so easy to hike. We hadn’t been down to visit in a while and since we have a German Rotary Exchange student living with us we thought we’d like to show her the sites. If you’ve never been to Point Lobos you must go. It’s spectacular natural beauty is life affirming and restoratively recharging. I went as a gift to myself to unwind and recover from a particularly challenging and hectic month at work. Aaaahhh…. Here are some snapshots of our visit.

Point Lobos photo 3 photo 4 photo

Ocean Memories

image of 2 girls posing at the beach

My sister Julie and me, Avalon, NJ circa 1965

In honor of Facebook’s Throwback Thursdays, I’m posting this photo of my sister Julie and me taken many, many years ago in the summer of 1965 in Avalon, New Jersey, about a 2 hour ride from our home in the Philadelphia suburbs. I was about 4, she was 2, and I still have vivid fond memories of that  vacation. Our parents rented a house very close to the beach and while they slept in we took off for the “shore” as we called it. There was a lot of freedom in those days. (Parents didn’t fret like they do now. ) We built sand castles, dug for clams and chased hermit crabs as they scurried across the wet sand.

As we got older we took summer jobs in Wildwood, New Jersey to earn spend money and pay for our college tuition. On our days off, we’d have beach picnics noshing on tins of smoked clams while lounging in beach chairs along the water’s edge reading summer novels and working on our tans.

These are our ocean memories, and it was these early experiences that instilled in us a life long appreciation for  the ocean, its natural beauty and the joy it could give us.

Santa Cruz surfing legend and wet suit inventor Jack O’Neill recognized this need to reach children at an early age when he founded the O’Neill Sea Oddysey Program, a floating classroom aboard a 65 foot catamaran, that teaches children about the importance of the living sea and its relationship to the enviroment. By engaging them and personalizing the experience, it inspires a life long love and appreciation for the ocean, an imprint that lasts a life time.

This is my call out to you to share your story. Post your ocean memories here in the comment section and the first five respondents will receive a SeaweedArt gift from me.

Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park

It’s been a while since I’ve driven down the coast to Big Sur to visit the Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park to see the breath taking 80-foot waterfall that drops from granite cliffs into the ocean from the Overlook Trail. The park is named after a pioneer woman and resident rancher who died in 1928.  I love the magestic beauty of this gorgeous, serene place, especially on a rainy, misty day.

photo 3-1

SeaweedArt at Seymour Center’s Jingle Shells

Jingle ShellsCome check out SeaweedArt prints, cards and holiday cards this Sunday at Jingle Shells, the annual holiday craft fair at the Seymour Center. It is my favorite event of the year. Lots of great arts and crafts– all homemade, wonderful food, an incredible view of the Monterey Bay and just so much festive fun holiday cheer. Support local artists in our support of ocean education and conservation. Don’t miss the whale lighting at 5:45!

Ocean Conservation for Kids

When famed wetsuit innovator and surfer, Jack O’Neill, founded the O’Neill Sea Odyssey (OSO) Program in 1996, his intention was to inspire children with a life long passion and appreciation for ocean conservation. Hence, a living classroom was created on board the 65-foot Team O’Neill catamaran,  where 4th – 6th grade students sail the Monterey Bay Marine Sanctuary and receive hands-on lessons about the marine habitat and the importance of the relationship between the living sea and the environment. The program is conducted on board the catamaran with follow-up lessons at the shore-side Education Center at the Santa Cruz Harbor. It is free of charge, but students earn their way into the program by performing a project  to benefit their community. OSO also serves special needs students through a program sponsored by the Adam Webster Memorial Fund.

I support many ocean advocacy programs, but I’ve always had a special soft spot for OSO because they know that the best steward for clean oceans are children. For that reason, for the next two months, SeaweedArt will donate 10% of all profits to the O’Neill Sea Odyssey Program. For all you ocean lovers out there, start shopping and spread the word. You make also make a direct donation to OSO here.

Sunrise at South Beach

This is my favorite place and my favorite time of the day. All is so peaceful, quiet and serene. The early birds chirping mixed with the city sounds of trolley bells and street sweepers.