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Welcome to SeaweedArt and My Sea-Inspired Coastal Life

About SeaweedArt

I’m an artisan, chef and “sea foodie.” An ocean lover at heart, my passion is to bring the beauty of the sea into the home with my coastal style, DIY crafts, beach-themed décor and healthy cuisine.

Healthy Living

Botanically based nutritional, cosmetic and skincare products I swear by because beauty comes from within. Safe. Pure. Beneficial. Vegan certified and I promise you will love them.

My Esty Shop

My beach combing and tide pooling explorations led to a hobby of pressing seaweed and other sea-inspired crafts. Visit my shop to explore my latest ocean-themed “beachy” creations.

The Latest From The Blog

Sea2Be Ocean-Themed Photography of Julie Forbes

My sister Julie is a wonderful photographer, a passion she pursues as a hobby. I admire her talent and ability to capture the peaceful and tranquil essence of the sea using various filters and freeze frame techniques. Below are some of my personal favorite beach...

Parchment Baked Salmon

Salmon baked in parchment is quick, easy and above all, the best way to steam in flavor. This recipe lends itself to improvisation, but my vegetables of choice are always asparagus and mushrooms (I prefer oyster and cremini.) Thin slices of lemons, crushed pepper and...

Mermaid Sea Salt Bath Sachets

In Santa Cruz, California the ocean is usually cold year round. Since I always enjoy a good salty soak, especially in my antique claw foot tub, I found a way to experience the healing properties of the ocean indoors. I discovered a recipe for a seaweed rich mineral...

Slow Cooker Pulled Pork Tacos

  Although I make this dish year round, this is football food at it's finest-- tasty, healthy and easy to make. Fix it and forget it and you won't miss any of the game. Ingredients: 2- cups salsa (my favorite is a local Santa Cruz...

Battle of the Sea Lions

Watch as these two Santa Cruz Sea lions battle it out to see who gets to sleep on the dock.

Imagine a Pollution Free Ocean

I came across the Seabin Project on Indiegogo and was so impressed I simply had to share. They have come up with a way to clean marinas with an automated marina rubbish collector. What a fantastic invention to help clean up our oceans and rid them of plastic pollution...

A Visit to Andrew Molera State Park

Our German exchange student, Ramona, who spent the school year with us last year, is visiting us again for the month of July. She wanted to go to Big Sur because it is so famous for its majestic beauty. Before we hit the trails of Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park, we...

Sea-Inspired Glass Bottles Decorated with Seashells

  SeaweedArt has something new!!! I'm so excited about these wonderful sea-inspired, "beachy" bottled  created from found objects- seashells, sea stars, sand dollars and seaweed. Available now on Etsy. These are unique, one-a-kind...

Hand-crafted Botanical Art

Marine Botanical Skincare

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